Parish Services Now Open to the Faithful

As you most likely know, St. John's has re-opened its doors to the faithful and visitors for services. We will be following the guidelines listed below. I look forward to seeing you!
The following Guidelines will be implemented for the time being as we re-open our parish:
1. The Church will be sanitized before and after every service.
2. The front entrance to the Church will be the only entrance used. The middle doors will be used to enter the Church and the doors to the left and right will be used to exit.
3. The Pews have been cordoned off to provide for social distancing. Please use only the pews that are open and make every effort to maintain 6 foot spacing. Please leave the front pew on both sides open for John Galpin and those who will help him with singing.
4. Everyone is asked to wear mask upon coming to Church. Once you are seated and social distanced (6 foot minimum) you may remove your mask during the service. At any point that you cannot maintain social distancing (leaving Church, Holy Communion line) you are asked to replace your mask. This is according to state guidelines. Masks will be provided for those who do not have one.
5. Hand Sanitizer will be available at the back of the Church.
6. The Choir loft and Auditorium will be closed at this time.

7. The Cross will not be given at the end of Divine Liturgy. Instead, it will be placed on the Tetrapod next to the Icon. At this time you are asked to simply bow your head and show reverence to Icons and the Cross.
8. We will continue to live stream the Sunday and Feast Day services for the time being.
If you do not feel well or do not feel comfortable attending at this time, you are asked to stay home and stay safe. You will be prayed for, as everyone has during this time.