Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward.  You are serving the Lord Christ.  ~  Colossians 3:23-24

There are a number of ministries available at St. John's to engage our members and help them grow closer together and closer to Christ. Please take a moment to look at all that is offered and see what you might be interested in being a part of:


ALTAR BOYS   We encourage all of the young men of our parish to serve as Altar Boys at St. John's.  It is an important job with many responsibilities to perform such as candle bearers during services, assisting the Priest with the censer and Communion, and leading processions in the Church.  Altar Boys also have the opportunity to attend the annual diocesan Altar Boy Retreat in Johnstown, PA.  It is a great three day trip of prayer and fun!  If your son would like to serve as an Altar Boy, please contact Fr. David  

CHOIR   Choral music is an integral part of the liturgies of the Orthodox faith.  Our people have a rich heritage of both liturgical and folk singing that St. John's has continued to be a proud part of.  Don't be shy! Come on up to the choir loft and join the mixed choir on Sunday morning, or during any other services, and let your voice be heard.  Rehearsals are held at St. John's on Monday evenings at 7pm.  Please try to fit rehearsals into your busy schedule.

OUTREACH   There are a number of outreach opportunities at St. John's, both within and outside of the parish, including our monthly food bank and annual giving tree. We provide plenty of opportunities to show God's grace by helping others. If you aren't already participating in one of more of the outreach programs, please consider joining us.

Senior ACRY/R Club   This organization, consisting of parish adults of all ages, provides for social fellowship and outreach in the parish.  Many adult activities are planned throughout the year that have included trips, dinners, auctions, wine tasting, etc.  The annual St. John's Sr. R Club Scholarship is our main funding accomplishment.  Awarded each Spring, the Senior R Club has provided over $176,000 in scholarships to many of our full-time student parishioners since 1972!  Contact Carol Gabor Feduik for details.

Junior ACRY/R Club and Youth Group   This is the youth organization of our parish. It also provides social fellowship and outreach, but geared towards our younger members. They also perform many service projects for both the church and the community, as well as social and fund raising activities throughout the year.  Contact Chris and Jenna Greenhill for details.

Kitchen Crew   Our modern kitchen st St. John's seems to always be in use! Whether it's an after-church breakfast, Sunday Coffee, Holiday baking of breads, nut & poppy rolls, pagachi, pirohi, soup sales, or our annual Christmas Fair restaurant.  St. John's monthly pirohi sales have been a big hit as well!  There's always something in the ovens!  Please make some time to help out and volunteer in the kitchen.  You will enjoy good company, learn our ethnic traditions, peel a few potatoes, and pinch a few pirohi.  Oh, and of course, wash a few pans.  Any time you can spare would be greatly appreciated and rewarding.  Contact Fr. David or Carol Gabor Feduik for details.

Church School   St. John's provides a Church School program for children ages 3 to 18 and meets after the Divine Liturgy each Sunday from September to May.  Our Church School provides your children with many opportunities to learn about their faith, to grow spiritually, and to build their relationship with God as they follow the path of salvation.  It also allows them to forge friendships that can last a lifetime.  The children are the present of our church, and St. john's Sunday School helps them reach this potential.  Contact Lynne Goetz or Chrissy Adzima-Maceyunas for details.